Monday, May 9, 2011

Multiple Image Techniques

My first image is a compilation of three images from my landscape assignment. I chose three images that were not very strong on their own and combined them to make the image more interesting. In order to do this I added two images to the first image as layers in Photoshop, and set them to "screen". After that, I brought the exposure down so that the image wouldn't be too light. I also edited the final image additionally in Lightroom.

What I love about panoramas is how easy Photoshop makes it to pull them together quickly. I took both images with the intention of framing the focal point (in the first one the Colombia River, and in the second downtown Portland) with trees. In order to take the photos I made sure that I was in manual mode and took each photograph with the same exposure and to overlap each image with the next by at least half. Once I uploaded the pictures to my computer, I opened Photoshop and automated a panorama with each grouping. Afterwards, I stretched the images so that they fit, and then I finished up with some additional editing in Lightroom.

My cityscape multiple exposure is with only two images of downtown Portland, and I chose them because I liked the juxtaposition of old and new architecture within them. In Photoshop I added the second image to the first as a layer, and I set it to "screen". After that I brought down the exposure in both images by half. After doing this the image was a little dull so I brought up the blues and the clarity in Lightroom. This is my favorite image from this assignment.

My final image is an HDR taken in downtown Portland. In order to do this I took two images, one metered off of the clouds, and one metered off of the buildings. I then uploaded the pictures into Photoshop and I automated an HDR image. Once the image was produced I edited it some more in Lightroom, because I was unhappy with the lack of detail in the clouds. I brought as much detail back into the clouds as possible without making the image look fake. I plan on also uploading an image of an HDR from my landscape assignment once the sun comes out again and I have the opportunity to shoot some interesting clouds and nature.

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  1. The multiple exposures and panoramas are great! The HDR is a nice photo, but doesn't really take advantage of what HDR is for--needs more detail in the clouds and in the shadows.